NBCS Technology - Roller Coaster design

Creativity time


This week we are moving on to the creative side of your project.

While we will be working on TWO Phases, the amount of work required for both phases is less than each of the previous phases.

  1. to set your PERSONAL GOALS in the C4S phase  AND
  2. to create your BRAINSTORM in the IDEAS phase

  • EXPERTS will complete TWO activities in each phase
  • TECH GURUS will complete THREE activities in each phase


Research Week


This week it is time to have fun with RESEARCH.
  • There are FIVE tasks to be attempted by Tuesday 19th February
  • TECH GURUS will complete ALL FIVE sections at GURU standard
  • EXPERTS will complete FOUR sections at EXPERT standard
  • TASK COMPLETE status is achieved once THREE sections have been completed
  • MORE WORK REQUIRED is your status UNTIL you have completed THREE sections

Click the image above to go to the LEARN page to find out more about the tasks.

NB Please REMEMBER to show the evidence of your weebly website work to either Mr Dunphy or Ms Jeffery-Bilich so that your TRACKING STATUS shows your most recent status.

Your Digital Design (Roller coasters) lessons will usually start with Mr Dunphy opening this weebly blog which will have the basic instructions for you to follow for that particular week. You can choose to follow the blog or to use the Learn page which looks like the image on the left. If you are away, you can always find the current work by visting this blog.

This week we will introduce your Digital Design projects:
  1. 3D Roller coaster design
  2. 3D Carriage design
  3. Advertising brochure
You will have two design activities to complete this week, DUE FRIDAY 8th. You should be able to complete them in class without the need for homework.
  1. Design Activity 1 - Design & Technology
  2. Design Activity 2 - The Design Process

In order to complete these tasks, you will need to create your own Weebly account. In your Technology tab, you will need to create a tab for Digital Design. Your Digital Design tab will need separate tabs for each of the sections numbered 1-7 in the Learn home page (image above).


NBCS Technology - Roller Coaster design