NBCS Technology - Roller Coaster design



The "HOME", "RESEARCH" and "IDEAS" pages need to be complete in your website by the end of this week, ie END OF TERM 3
It is time to try out the NoLimits software that you will use to design and create your Rollercoaster.

Click the "NoLimits Info" button on the right to get information about downloading a demo version on to your PDD. There is also some information about how to purchase the full version of the software for $29.99

Once you have downloaded a version of the NoLimits software, complete the website activities on the "Explore" page

Once you have done some exploration of different Rollercoasters using the NoLimits software, you need to start thinking about some good ideas for the design of your Rollercoaster.

Go to the "Ideas" page and complete the WEBSITE ACTIVITIES on that page




Be inspired by the Vacation Planner slideshow as you complete your Rollercoaster Research week.

Things to do this week in the "Home" and Research" pages of your website:
  • Complete all the WEBSITE ACTIVITIES on the following pages:


Get you Login details from Mr Dunphy

Create 5 pages as follows:
  1. Research
  2. Ideas
  3. Rollercoaster
  4. Carriage
  5. Evaluation

Please also create a Blog page

In your Research page:
  • Add the image of your Rube Goldberg cartoon
  • Add links to your favourite Rube Goldberg resources and Explain why you like these resources
  • Embed videos of one of your favourite Rube Goldberg machines and Explain why you like these resources.

NBCS Technology - Roller Coaster design