NBCS Technology - Roller Coaster design
Rate your skills

When you have mastered a Rollercoaster skill, show it to Mr Dunphy or Mr Alcock  who will give you a score for each skill. You will be able to get extra points for helping someone else to master the skill.

It is now time to start designing your own Rollercoaster.

Before you start, please refer to the Design Briefs:
  1. RollerCoaster Design Brief
  2. Carriage Design Brief

There are tutorials available on the NBCS Portal Learn page to help you understand how to create your Rollercoaster and carriage designs.
  • Read the information on the "Understanding RollerCoasters" page to get an idea about how RollerCoasters work.
    Add your answers to the "Parts of a RollerCoaster" acivity to the "Ideas" page of your website.

Will you accept the mission to design a thrillling RollerCoaster demonstrating your funderstanding of how Rollercoasters work?

If yes, click on the image above or the button on the right.


NBCS Technology - Roller Coaster design